Customer Success Management : Outcomes To Frameworks

Course Overview

Customer Success Management : Outcomes To Frameworks is highly participative in nature and gives attendees the tools, content and knowledge needed to excel in their customer success role. On course completion attendees receive their Customer Success Professional certification from The Success Methods Academy.

After the course attendees can take advantage of a 1 hour private coaching call and are invited to join our private LinkedIn group for past attendees where they can continue to share with and learn from their fellow attendees.

Packed with practical information: the core framework that the training is based around is a solidly constructed, logical and useable model that will be an asset to anyone within the CSM arena.

The good attendee mix meant easy and valuable participation. Everyone was keen to learn and reporting at the end genuine satisfaction and experiences to take away.

It was a truly enlightening and valuable two days that provided a strong foundation of practical methods to take forward into the real world.

Mark Harris

Global Customer Success Director, CrossKnowledge

Training takes place at the WeWork, Aviation House in London. It’s a wonderful space that helps us create the highly engaged learning atmosphere our attendees love.

What We Cover

Our customer success management training covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Using The Success Methods Value Hierarchy© learn how to structure your delivery to focus on outcomes, customer value and ROI.
  • Executive Business Reviews (EBRs/QBRs) and their crucial role in managing outcomes, value and account strategy
  • Success Plans and their key role in driving the strategy set out in your EBRs
  • Why customer success is so important in today’s SaaS environment
  • How to identify where your company sits in its own customer success evolution
  • Why customer success should be a philosophy, not a function
  • The importance of renewals, expansion revenues and advocacy to your employer
  • Why a focus on outcomes is so critical in customer success
  • A great understanding for what makes for a great outcome
  • Why the value you deliver for your customers is the critical component of any customer success strategy
  • Customer journeys, their importance and the different perspective you may have from your customer
  • How to structure your success approach to reflect your customer’s success journey
  • The use of KPIs including those that are most critical to your employer and those that matter most to your customer
  • Aligning KPIs to customer outcomes, customer value and customer ROI
  • How to design appropriate best practices to deliver every outcome
  • How to design appropriate engagement models for every customer and segment
  • The fundamentals of change management and how to plan it into your CS strategy
  • The fundamentals of stakeholder management and how to plan it into your CS strategy
  • The fundamentals of good governance and how to plan it into your CS strategy
  • The core client personas you will encounter and how to better manage them
  • How to ensure responsibilities are correctly aligned for customer success across your company
  • How to align your employer around a focus on customer success
  • Tips for managing difficult conversations
  • Using the tools of habit formation to help embed new behaviours
  • An executable framework that structures all of this learning into a single comprehensive approach

The most valuable 2 days I have spent this year! I walked away with so many learnings, and a clear path to implementing best practices in customer success. Matt and Ian took the time to really understand the individual challenges everyone in the course was facing and provide frameworks and solutions to combat these. Whether you are building a CS function from scratch, managing a team or managing accounts as a CSM – this course will be invaluable!.

Eva Evangelou

Customer Success Director, Onalytica

A brilliant two days, very insightful and full of information covering key concepts, operations, measurement and governance. Ian and Matt challenge your thoughts along the way. This really pushes you to contribute at the highest level. All attendees enjoyed this and the level of discussion and debate was so valuable. Highly recommended if you’re new to Customer Success or want to find ways to improve yourself in your current role.

Tom Parkinson

Director of Tracking Software, Juniper Education

Course Logistics

You should find everything you need to know about course logistics and pricing below. If you don’t then drop us a line at


1st-2nd April 2020

3rd-4th June 2020

5th-6th August 2020

7th-8th October 2020

Location: WeWork, 125 Kingsway, Holborn, Central London

Duration: 2 days

Audience: Customer success professionals.

Price: £999 + VAT per attendee

Booking: Please contact us on for details of how to book a place.

Certification: You will receive a certificate of course completion from the Success Methods Academy.

I am extremely impressed and would recommend this course to anyone interested in employing Customer Success in their company or their role.

Sophie Harris-Edmond

Customer Success Manager, Firmstep

I recommend that you take this course to ensure you and your business have a true understanding of the role and benefits it delivers to the customer base.

Frank Sims

Head Of Customer Success, iCabbi

I feel I have a much better understanding of Customer Success as a whole and the theory needed to apply to it correctly. I am already using areas of the training in my day to day role with much more yet to implement.

Jenna Lee

Customer Success Manager, MRM

Such a great course for any Customer Success professional! Ian and Matt start by taking you through how to form your own Customer Success Framework and then follow this up with practical tools to bring it to life!

Odette Borsten

SVP Customer Success Services, Alterian


What happens if I can no longer attend?

Success Methods Academy operates a cancellation policy that we believe fairly balances the risks and costs of cancellation for both parties. Full details are provided at time of booking within our terms and conditions.

Can I bring a friend?

As one of our key objectives is to enable you to learn from and build relationships with our other attendees we limit a company to 2 places per course. Courses run on a frequent basis.

What happens before the course?

All course materials, pre-work (limited we promise) and logistics details will be available to attendees from two weeks before the course commences. 

What happens after the course?

All attendees have the option to join our private LinkedIn group where we continue the conversations started during the course. We also include an hour of coaching for each attendee to be used within 30 days.