Success Methods offer a range of courses designed for customer success management teams, companies and buying organisations.

Our Courses

The Success Methods Academy provides training for Customer Success focussed individuals and organisations seeking to accelerate their effectiveness in this evolving discipline. Our C.O.M.E.T. methodology underpins our work and enables attendees to build a practical and actionable outcomes based customer success framework.

We offer a scheduled public course which has broad representation from across the customer success profession and allows us to make a cost-effective training option available for smaller organisations.

We also offer a dedicated customer version of our training course. This provides our customers with the same C.O.M.E.T. based training material and allows the practical elements to be adjusted to account for the single company, cross-functional audience. This enables a true workshop environment over the two days with Success Methods providing a facilitation role as you focus on the practical exercises.

Customer Success Management : Public Course

Customer Success Management : For Your Company


I am extremely impressed and would recommend this course to anyone interested in employing Customer Success in their company or their role.

Sophie Harris-Edmond

Customer Success Manager, Firmstep

Such a great course for any Customer Success professional! Ian and Matt start by taking you through how to form your own Customer Success Framework and then follow this up with practical tools to bring it to life!

Odette Borsten

SVP Customer Success Services, Alterian